“I know Pramodh from 13 years and we are using the software which is very easy to use. Earlier my employee used to work on software but now because of easiness, myself entering the data. Support from PoulSoft is highly appreciable. I recommend PoulSoft to Traders which will be very helpful.”
“We were using other software from past 7 years and we got reference of PoulSoft from others. Now we are using PouSoft since March and we are able to get the better results than previous Software. Reporting and App provided by PoulSoft is very helpful to us to make quick decissions. I wish all the best for Team PoulSoft.”
“PoulSoft is an ERP system which designed exclusively for Poultry business. SMS & WhatsApp services provided by PoulSoft is very instant that helping our Customers to understand their Business with us. Support from PoulSoft is top notch and we are very Satisfied with the Software and Support from PoulSoft.”