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Chicken Trading Software

 Introducing The most Trusted Chicken Trading Software(CTS), widely used by poultry traders across India, holding the position as the country's top choice. meticulously designed for wholesale trading business.

 This user-friendly platform empowers individuals across diverse roles, including drivers, writers, accountants, and data entry operators, enabling them to seamlessly input sales, receipts, and sales orders in realtime.

 To elevate operational efficiency, we have seamlessly integrated a Bluetooth Weighing Scale for live weight monitoring and incorporated Bluetooth thermal printers for the immediate generation of physical receipts.

 Beyond transactions, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the automated delivery of Ledgers, Outgoing Balances, and Weekly Reports through the application.

 At the core of our product is a robust foundation, built on security protocols, comprehensive backups, and application redundancy.

 Recognizing the critical nature of your business processes, our software ensures not only the security but also the easy accessibility of your data whenever and wherever you need it.

 Welcome to the forefront of seamless and secure poultry trade management with CTS.


 App Entries In Both Android and IOS

 Automatic weight reading from Bluetooth weighing scale

 Entry For Purchases, Sales, Payment & Cash Collection

  Provision to enter all expenses incurred day to day basis

 Auto Prices generation once paper rate is entered

 Customized dashboards to view data & reports

 Customer Login to View Ledgers


 Save 80% of your time using our App & Software

 No depending on employee

 Your Customer Login

 Sharing Reports to customers via WhatsApp

 Instant alerts via SMS / WhatsApp

 Data is Fully Secured with Advanced Secure Servers

 Easy access to data via App or Software any time