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 In 2021, PoulSoft Solutions was founded by a young team. Through our services, Broiler Farmers/Integration and Chicken Wholesalers will be able to save time, access data and save money with advanced security.

 Our core team of 14+ years experience specializing in poultry and the software industry forms the backbone of our company.

 First software company to serve 275+ happy clients in Broiler Management and Chicken Trading within the span of two years.

 We are the first software company to integrate with Android App, IOS App, WhatsApp, Bluetooth Weighing Scales and Bluetooth thermal printers.

 Being a member of multiple poultry industry associations makes us proud.

 Have our presence in Karnataka,Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, WestBengal & Punjab...


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Broiler Management Software...

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Chicken Trading Software

Chicken Trading Software...

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