what We Offer

Broiler Management Software

 We provide industry leading Broiler Management Software, streamlining transactions with our expert team to minimize processing time.

 Our platform ensures real-time performance data collection and notifications delivered through multiple channels to management.

 Offering a comprehensive solution for all your Poultry needs, our Software is integrated with Google services for precise location information and trip sheets.

 The key features of our products include time-saving capabilities, robust security measures, reliable backups, and application redundancy.


 Our app simplifies data entry, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

 Utilizing Google Maps, it captures the supervisors real-time location.

 In remote areas, offline entries are available and can be synced later.

 Enjoy customizable dashboards and reports for thorough analysis.

 Receive alerts and notifications via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.

 Benefit from a multi-level user access hierarchy with restricted permissions.

 View Branch/Farm-level reports on the app and easily share them across multiple platforms.

 Capture real-time images of mortality, farms, and DC receipts.

 The application accurately tracks user travel distance.

 Additional features include password encryption, fingerprint login and OT login.


 As the data is centralised, you can access at any point of time.

 Easily accessed via app or software A GC book can be closed within 30 mins.

 Excel data can be migrated easily for quick access.

 We feel client is our most value addition inputs for development

 Supervisors performance can be tracked easily.

 Your data is completely safe with advanced secured servers

 By using reports can able to file GST TDS easily.

 Instant Daily entry WhatsApp messages with Images.

 Reduces manpower and stationary cost.

 Customers can access their ledgers conveniently through the app.

 Our comprehensive features cater to a seamless and efficient user experience.